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Recycled and recyclable sneakers by Regenerated.

Lightweight, practical, and above all sustainable , these children's sneakers are made in navy color with colored laces and trims.

They are characterized by a comfortable hook-and-loop strap and elastic laces for a quick and easy fit, suitable for any age.

The materials used are mostly recycled materials and in turn recyclable. This is why these shoes are the product of a circular economy model. Giving materials a second life means being able to produce new products with low environmental impact.

Regenerated children's shoes are friends of the Planet.


Tomaia: 80% post-consumer recycled polyester + 10% elastane + 10% polyester

Fodera: Recycled fabric

Sottopiede: Recycled cork

Suola: Fabric + 30% post-consumer recycled polyester

Punta: Rounded

Lacci: Laces and hook and loop strap

Shoes in Navy and Orange recycled fabric
  • size: 31
  • 50% riciclato




La prima scarpa realizzata con materiali riciclati e a loro volta riciclabili. Abbiamo dato nuova vita a materiali di scarto creand o una scarpa ecosostenibile e riciclata che non termina il suo ciclo di vita, ma è ancora nuovamente ricicalbile.